The LACDC would like to thank the following donors and foundations for their generous support throughout the years:

The Ahmanson Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation

Drs Martin Wasserman & Francine Bartfield

The Bernard & Gloria Salick Foundation

The Carl E. Wynn Foundation

The Cecile and Fred Bartman Foundation

The Chartwell Charitable Foundation

Janet and Nick Ciriello

The Culver City Education Foundation

The Dwight Stuart Youth Foundation

Dr. Cecile Falk

The Feldman Trust

The Friends of the Culver city Youth Health Center

Nancy and Eric Garen

Mr William W. Graham

The Green Foundation

Marc and Stephanie Hayoutin

The Hilton Hotels Corporation

The Hosan Foundation

The Irma Ceunis & Simone Wynant Foundation

The Joseph Drown Foundation

Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hospital

The Los Angeles Times Fund

The Louis and Harold Price Foundation

The Lund Foundation

Myrtle Mandiberg

Wendy and Barry Meyer

Patsy and Arnold Palmer

Dr. James Perkins

The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Bill Resnick

The Robert  Ellis Simon Foundation

Mary Ann Rosenfeld

Myron and Stephanie Roth

The Roy E. Crummer Foundation

The S. Mark Taper Foundation

David and Anita Saunders

Katherine Schwarzenbach

Fred Segal

The Simon Strauss Foundation

Honorable Christina Snyder

The Streisand Foundation

Mrs. Joan Travis

The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Weingart Foundation

Andrea Weiss

Dr. Jeri Weiss

John Silva and Shana Weiss